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Nasira Hoori Executive Search is one of Pakistan's leading executive search and strategic talent management firm. We find company-transforming executives in key functional areas, across emerging and established markets in Pakistan & worldwide. Our search services bring real-world perspective and can rapidly align around company differentiators and culture. Partnering with clients, each project is customized to drive results


no advertisement

Our executive search skills require no advertisement for any position. We ensure complete confidentiality of your business requirements. We hold the expertise and experience to target the right candidate with the right skill sets for the most sophisticated and complex positions and projects.

reliability & devotion

Nasira Hoori Executive Search devotes more time to search. This allows us to experience the culture and the spirit of your business energy which then rewards you with the best pool of candidates to fit your requirements.

who you work with

Your executive search proposition would be handled personally by Nasira Hoori who holds strategic experience working with all industries in Pakistan. There are no junior associates at Nasira Hoori Executive Search. We understand your business culture and hand-pick candidates that suit your business requirements.

5 days

Our close connectivity to the professional market in Pakistan enables us to present you with potential candidates in minimum period of 5 days. This time period may be shorter for various positions.

candidates pool

Our executive search firm have fewer off-limit constraints on who we can recruit. This means we have more options to find the right candidate for your business.


Nasira Hoori practices the sensitivity needed to make connections with the professional sector. We go about your business ensuring full confidentiality. Revealing information to either party is never released without client authorization


Nasira Hoori is an experienced headhunter holding executive search experience since 2001 and as a technical recruiter in the Pakistan corporate market. Nasira Hoori is also one of the leading advisors for leading industrialists in the country. Her recognized skills to deliver professionals for complex positions have placed her establishment in leading companies of Pakistan. Nasira Hoori is also an international trained executive search specialist in Pakistan who independently develops infrastructures of majority of industries: Power & Energy, FMCG, Telecom, IT, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and Industrial.

Why hoori


Free/No Charge Human Resources for Out of Job Candidates* and Interns

We at Nasira Hoori Executive Search introduces for the first time in Pakistan a no-charge service fee for jobless professionals and interns seeking job opportunities in Pakistan*. Candidates may share resume on confidentiality basis. Our skilled services will include identifying candidates, screening interviews and salary negotiation absolutely free of cost to our esteemed clients and talented professionals. We humbly invite the Corporate Sector to join hands with Nasira Hoori Executive Search to participate actively in the hiring of our unemployed professionals and contribute to the goodness of Pakistan's economic growth while bringing smiles to countless families. 

*Candidates jobless for 1 year + may apply. This special service does not apply to government professionals



  • Management Hierarchy for Waste management/Renewable Energy Projects

  • Power Plant Management consultancies

  • Safe City Solutions (Smart Tech for Public Security)

  • Consultancies for Water Treatment and Desalination Plants 

  • Sports City Development

  • Hospitals

  • Recreational Development: Consultancies for Theme Parks, Hotels, Parks. Gyms, Eateries, Malls etc

Project consulting

 Nasira Hoori Executive Search holds search experience with the corporate & industrial sector of Pakistan



We are deeply immersed in the energy industry with an extensive network of high-powered contacts and associates. 

We have successfully placed exceptional candidates in vital and complex roles with some of Pakistan’s most successful power and energy companies. Nasira Hoori Executive Search is ready to do the same for you. Our expertise includes thorough understanding of the most technical engineering and responsibilities of this in-demand and growing sector..

Our clients and partners expect the perfect match and we delivered.

power & energy


Nasira Hoori Executive Search offers search services to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry; our practices work with the producers and distributors of soft drinks, pre-packaged foods, toiletries, personal care, meats, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and baked goods to locate and attract outstanding managers and executives. Our FMCG executive search consultants work across various sectors of the industry and have experience recruiting fast moving goods executives across Pakistan.



Nasira Hoori Executive Search is a national Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Medical Device executive search expert also focused on Life Sciences. Unlike other generalist executive recruitment firms, we serve only selected companies working in highly sophisticated and specialized areas. We possess thorough understanding of the manufacturing processes of the production departments of the pharmaceutical industry including Quality Assurance and Control, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing and Engineering, Chemistry, Process and Product Development.



Nasira Hoori Executive Search locates high caliber IT professionals with specific skill sets that fit our clients' business requirements. Our technical recruitment team have established call centers and BPOs in Pakistan. We also are experienced hiring professionals in the following categories:

Business Intelligence Leader

Network Administration


Disaster Recovery Specialists
Operating Systems
Mobile Engineering
Telecommunication Sector
Systems Administration 
Web Architecture Development

Information Technology


Nasira Hoori Executive Search serves the financial services industry with a track record of successfully partnering with the leading financial institutions. Due to the high standards this industry possesses, we have developed the experience to identify the right candidates with the right qualifications to meet our clients’ needs. Our discreet and confidential executive search practices strategically hires top professionals for key positions for our selective clients in the Banking and Financial Services sector. Our discerning financial institution clients also include domestic and global banks, investment boutiques and Pakistan's leading insurance companies.

Financial Institutions


Nasira Hoori Executive Search is a premier executive search firm setting standards of excellence nationally. 
Our experience setting up the leading retail sectors in the country has signatured our flexible search solutions to meet your needs. We specialize in a 
variety of diverse fields - from Retail, Luxury Retail, Wholesale, Shopping Center-Commercial Real Estate to Hospitality & Entertainment. We are accredited with the establishment of management of the leading malls in Pakistan. We also possess a retail network of Pakistan's fashion brands and eateries for mall retail setups



Nasira Hoori Executive Search holds search experience with the industrial sector of Pakistan.


Food Manufacturing

Steel Industry

Textile & Garments

Personal care / Cosmetic

Mining Industry

Ghee / Oil Mills



Sugar Mills




Our network of real estate professionals and the construction industry has placed us as a partner with leading property firms in Pakistan. We are experienced of setting up the management of the most recognized real estate projects in the country. Our experience also spans to search for Developers, Lenders, Occupiers, REITs and Fund Managers.  Our network of professionals include real estate experteers working in homebuilding, multi-family, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors of the real estate industry in Pakistan.

Real State


Our Clients are Unique. We understand your business demands and provide custom training solutions for specific type of audience and partner with our clients in handling their specific training needs.  Our expert trainers hold decades of experience with designing and implementing training programs for the most competitive corporate and industrial environments including manufacturing operations excellence offering customized training strategies and compliance solutions:


Soft Skills | Hard Skills | Manufacturing

Retail Training | Communication Training



Nasira Hoori holds a trusted name and track record with Pakistan's leading industrialists. With our expertise and experience with various sectors, we offer our credible advisory in both HR management,

Government Relations and multifaceted setbacks which are confronted by our clients. We take a step further and offer our confident and Regulatory Affairs role while dealing with our clients' complex issues through our network and relationships with relevant bureaus and departments

Government Relations


+92 300 227 8854

+92 213 534 1947

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